Ah… deciphering men is not always as simple as it seems. You fell in love with me in secret with a guy, but you’re not sure it’s mutual? You’ve picked up on some signs, but is he really interested in you? With this test, Meetic gives you the decoder.

How do I know if he’s secretly in love with me?

The game of love and seduction is certainly the oldest game in the world! One can easily imagine that the ways of seducing and “courting” have always existed and have changed over the centuries. So yes, the way Caesar seduced Cleopatra surely differs from the way Brad Pitt has. In time, made gringue to Jennifer Aniston. But the root of the problem remains the same. How do we know if we are interpreting the signs sent by this handsome dark-haired man. Who comes every evening to sing the serenade under our window? Sorry: who rushes to the coffee machine, (as if by chance!). As soon as we ourselves have a little DilMil craving for caffeine. Or, how do you know if that like on the last selfie you posted on Instagram is completely innocent. The result of platonic kindness, or a sign that he was caught in the eye?

Because we know that deciphering men is not always an easy task. Meetic has concocted a test article for you to finally answer this question that torments you and keeps you awake at night in your bed. “Is he interested by me ?”. Or: “How do I know if he really flirts with me?”. A question shared by the majority of the female population through the ages. Yes, all men do not have the talent of Don Juan to be cash and be understood at first sight.

Test: Is He in Love With Me In Secret? | Amolatina Review

Decipher his approach: the shy lover or the valiant lover?

A man in love in secret will be able to adopt several strategies. Either he is confident, and will try to seduce you by more or less traditional methods. Insistent looks, looking for eye contact. Or even the slightest opportunity to come and talk to you are some of the little signs that show you that he likes you. Quite simple in these conditions to know if he is flirting with you.

If Julien, your next door neighbor, seems to take his dog out at the same time as you every day and uses. This excuse to spend the half-hour walk with you, it is surely not “just” a coincidence. Same for Matthieu, who takes pleasure in sitting next to you at every lunch for two weeks, and asks you every Monday how your weekend went. The next step is probably to ask you out for a drink. No real need for a test to know if he is interested , the signs finally speak for themselves!

On the other hand, if you have come across a shy person, decryption can be more complicated. Indeed, a shy guy will take much longer to advance his pawns on the big DilMil.Co chessboard of love. At first glance, he may seem a little awkward in the way he approaches you, and you may not be sure where he is coming from when he asks you if you like lemon pies or David’s movies. Lynch (half-worded, what he’s probably trying to tell you is “ would you like to eat a pie or go to the movies with me? ”). Does he seem nervous when he talks to you? This is surely the sign that he is in love.

Deciphering his love language: “Does he like me?”

You talk to each other regularly, maybe bump into each other at parties or at work, and you feel that there could be some chemistry between you. Only here, how to be sure that you interpret the signals he sends you well? How do you know if he’s flirting with you? If the attraction he has for you has not been clearly verbalized, you will be able to analyze his body language to find out if he likes you. He is likely to like you if:

He can’t help but smile at your touch. – Love With Me In Secret

That’s how it is, as soon as you exchange even the worst banalities, he wears this smile that is both charming and a little silly and seems to feel good with you. Bonus if he laughs at your jokes. Laughing man…

He finds cute ways to bond. – Love With Me In Secret

A brushed hand, a lock of hair that he puts back behind your ear… If he’s trying to initiate physical contact, he certainly wants to get closer to you.

He finds plenty of reasons to ask your opinion. – Love With Me In Secret

Since you met, he keeps finding opportunities to ask you what you think about such and such a thing. Whether it’s the latest Lynch (again!), or the best way to make lemon pie (definitely!), he seems to hold your opinion in high esteem.

It remembers your conversations in detail. – Love With Me In Secret

You thought he would have forgotten the name of your dwarf pug, but now he asks you this morning how is Giscard d’Estaing (the name of your dwarf pug, and it’s not an easy name to remember). If he is able to retain the details of your life, even those most quickly evoked, it is because this guy surely has you under his skin.

He’s *a little* into your social media. – Love With Me In Secret

He liked the last 5 photos you posted of Giscard d’Estaing (your dwarf pug, always), and reacted to your last story (by the way, he doesn’t miss a single one). In the age of Internet 3.0, social networks are a good indicator of the chemistry that exists between you. And an effective way for the shyest to show you their interest…

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And now, take the first step? Or let it come?

If after this test you think he likes you, it’s up to you whether you want to let him take the first step or shake things up a bit. Whether you fell on a shy guy or a more “frontal” guy, the decision is yours to let him come to you or to force fate a little. Why not invite her to a Meetic event , and see where it all takes you?

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