The art of flirting: those love diskettes that girls no longer want to hear

“ Your Love Floppy Disk father is a thief: he stole all the stars in the sky to put them in your eyes. “ , “ Does your father not make crackers? Because you’re cute. » or even « We should arrest you for excess of beauty on the public highway! » … These sentences, everyone – or almost – has already heard them at least once, whether in a joking tone or during a real flirting attempt. Unfortunately, to seduce a woman, these cliché love diskettes have had their day, failing to ever give any result. Yes, talking about SharekAlomre your father to a girl under the pretext of flirting with her… we have already seen better as a technique.

So yes, these floppies may seem convenient and easy to use at first glance. They might seem like a good way to strike up a conversation with that pretty brunette you just met on the subway… but no! Chances are, before you’ve even finished your sentence, the pretty brunette has turned on her heels, quickening her pace in search of the nearest exit. Leaving you alone with your embarrassment on the platform. Do you keep wondering how you could have approached that girl (or guy) without grabbing a jacket? Follow the Meetic guide to no longer suffer the curse of love disks .

Love Floppy Disk: 10 Ways to Avoid Redneck Flirting PhrasesDown with the “dredge diskette”, originality in power!

To flirt, you can (of course) resort to the hackneyed and old methods of the beauty diskette , or even try to cram a funny love diskette into the conversation you have just engaged with the one you like, but if you do not show originality, there is little chance that you will conclude. ” Your father, isn’t he a pilot?” Because frankly you’re a fighter plane! It ‘s unlikely that the single you like will fall at your feet with this kind of sentence. Yes, that’s how it is! Girls like creative boys, but the floppy disk is really the zero level of flirtation and originality. Worse than that, flirty floppies the best known have become veritable clichés. Impossible to use them without going straight for a redneck.

So how do you demonstrate originality in terms of flirting? First of all, by taking care to avoid clichés, and by fully personalizing the compliment you are about to pay the person who caught your eye. To do this, you will have to be careful. That you notice THE charming little detail that SharekAlomre.Com makes the person you have in front of you unique to you. If the conversation with the person is already engaged, you can for example compliment her on her smile (if she smiles at you, especially!), her voice, or the originality of her outfit.

The art of approaching delicately: the oklm flirt

If you are seeing this person for the very first time and are looking to strike up a conversation, the phrase floppy is really something to avoid. Instead, start the conversation with a relevant question. If the girl you’re trying to seduce is reading, ask her, for example, what her book is about. The idea is to initiate a real exchange, without going head-on into the redneck’s pick-up method (AKA the floppy disk). You must not be intrusive or pushy. If she answers you vaguely and doesn’t seem to want to talk to you (it must be said that her book sounds fascinating), don’t insist – apologize for having disturbed her and wish her a good day before go back to your business.

If you are reckless, you can also – but always with tact – go out and meet this girl you have spotted. No need to do too much to flirt. Say hello, introduce yourself, tell her you think she’s pretty, and ask her if it would be possible to leave her YOUR number (and not take hers). If she says yes and is interested, she will have the opportunity to contact you herself. You hand him the cards, and are enterprising without being intrusive. And that, the girls love.

The art of not overdoing it – Love Floppy Disk

“ In the realm of my heart, you are the princess. “ Yeah, well, a priori you are not Prince William, and even some girls still believe in Prince Charming, the reference becomes a bit old-fashioned. Moreover, if you pull out this sentence on the first meeting, there is a good chance that the girl you flashed on will immediately detect the love diskette ready-made… To flirt effectively, you have to know how to find the right measure.

Inevitably, if you’re super shy and you don’t dare say a single word to the girl you’ve liked for six months and whom you meet every day, you won’t necessarily go far. But if you overdo it, you won’t get far either. In flirting, sincerity and moderation are as important as elsewhere. Be yourself, don’t make a fuss of it, don’t promise the moon on the first date, and unless you’re a comedian, banish the phrase ” Your father works at Nintendo if I can believe your body of DS ” from your directory.

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Let’s recap: Love Floppy Disk

  1. Avoid love disk sheard and re-heard.
  2. Don’t approach a girl starting with “ Hey your dad is… ”.
  3. Be original in your compliments (and floppies rarely are, original!).
  4. Avoid comparing women to fighter jets or game consoles.
  5. Pay attention to the person in front of you.
  6. Stay sincere.
  7. Don’t overdo it: beauty disk ettes are often too much!
  8. Avoid heated statements.
  9. Banish sexual references so as not to be a redneck.
  10. Be tactful and know when to slip away

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